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18k White Gold Diamond & Emerald Ring
The overlapping ring is studded with Baguette shaped diamonds and Pear shaped Emeralds. The pear shaped Emeralds have clean table and brilliant luster with natural inclusions. The ring is studded with 0.75 carats of baguette diamonds. Pear drop emeralds 1.30 carats. Ring size: 7. Click..
Price :$1,599.00
Weight :5.50gm
size :in.
Diamond & Marquise Garnet ring
The Diamond and Garnet ring is fresh, crisp and colorful. The ring is in 14k Yellow gold studded with diamonds & Garnet. This bright & bold ring is studded with 1.50 carats of garnets & 0.07 cts diamonds. Click on image to view a larger image.
Price :$99.00
Weight :1.50gm
size :in.
14k Gold Emerald flower ring
The Emerald flower ring is simply eloquent. It is studded with Diamonds & Emeralds. This visually seductive ring is studded with 0.23 carats of diamonds & 0.15 carats of Emeralds. If gifted, the ring would be worn everyday. Click on image to view a larger image.
Price :$899.00
Weight :2.30gm
size :in.
7 day ring in Rose & White Gold
The 14k Gold 7 day ring is elegant yet sporty. The ring has diamond cut design in yellow, white & rose gold accented with a dangling heart. The ring is strong enough for every day wear. Click on image to view a larger image.
Price :$269.00
Weight :4.80gm
size :in.
18k Gold Horse shoe ring
The horse shoe being a symbol of good luck, the horse shoe ring makes a powerful statement of style and good luck. Total weight of diamonds=1.05 carats. The ring has paisley border. Click on image to view a larger image.
Price :$1,499.00
Weight :6.20gm
size :in.