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18k Gold 2 tone necklace
The 2 tone necklace is a sure eye catcher. This flexible necklace feature spring ring. Being 2 tone it will match most jewelry and outfits. Click on image to view a larger image.
Price :$478.00
Weight :4.80gm
size :in.
18k Gold Orchid chain
The Orchid chain is a sparkling way to keep the people you love near and dear. The chain is similar to Baht chain but it has design all around the chain. It secures with an lobster clasp. It can be worn by ladies as well as gents.
Price :$1,228.00
Weight :12.40gm
size :in.
18k white Gold diamond cut chain
White gold is more compatible to fairer skin tones than traditional yellow gold. The sparkling chain is guaranteed to be noticed, proving that less sometimes really is more. It secures with an lobster clasp. If gifted, it would be a moment to remember.
Price :$1,850.00
Weight :18.70gm
size :in.
22k Gold baby bead chain
A charming accent to the baby. The chain is adorned with beads. The 15 inch long chain features W clasp. If gifted, the bead chain would inspire an all round good cheer. Click on image to view a larger image.
Price :$377.00
Weight :3.80gm
size :in.
18k White Gold Baht chain
Beautiful & unique. This shiny chain can be worn with jeans as well as with formal clothes. If gifted, it will be a lovely tribute to a man as well as a woman. It secures with a lobster clasp. Thickness of each gold brick=3mm. Click on image to view a larger image.
Price :$992.00
Weight :10.00gm
size :in.